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100 Most Bookmark-Worthy Websites for Dr. Moms

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but only if doctor mom says so. Nobody knows your child like you do. This list of mommy-approved websites and real-life doctor mom blogs will provide you with a wealth of information to keep your little one healthy, happy and balanced.

Mommy Docs

    1. DoctorMama – Her interests touch on a little bit of a lot: being a mother, a physician, a wife, a teacher, and a runner. Her site is equally diverse, discussing family, running tips, and tips for raising a crazy son.

    2. Dr. Mom’s Guide to College – You get the whole package here: a college-teaching mom presents the wisdom she offered her daughter before the kid went to college. There’s tips on general preparation, class survival, computer troubleshooting, and more.

    3. Dr. Mom Online – It’s all about health, nutrition, and motherhood on this colorful site. She’s got advice about healthy food for tots, the preparation it takes to keep kids healthy, and amazing, amusing stories regarding her own kids.

    4. Dr. Mom Approved Content – And now for something completely different. This site has links to a variety of websites sorted by topic, and all of them are “Dr. Mom approved” for children to view.

    5. Dr. Laura’s Blog – Odds are you know who Dr. Laura is. This is her blog, filled with advice on dealing with men, becoming a better wife, and current events affecting our lives.

    6. Dr. Mom, My Adventures as a Mommy-Scientist – As the title might tell you, this is a series of tales—some amusing, some inspirational—about balancing life as a mother and as a scientist. There’s tales of lab woes, moments of research joy, and ruminations on what it means to be successful.

Money Saving Mamas

    7. Thrifty Mama – In these economic times, almost all mamas are becoming thrifty mamas. This site compiles info about different food-related deals you can find, whether it’s online coupons or in-store savings.

    8. Frugal Dr. Mom – This blog has the same essential goal as the previous one: to help you locate savings and pounce. The twist is that she also provides frugal recipes to help you whip up a great spread on a simple budget.

    9. Moms Need to Know – Here’s another awesome site helping you track down the deals, wherever they may hide. One nice added feature is the “coupons of note” section, which not only tells you what the great deals are, but the location and rarity of those coupons.

    10. Attention Target Shoppers – If the name didn’t give it away, the focus of this site is tracking down great deals at Target. There’s also a wonderful “Friday freebies” section which provides free samples, free downloads, and more.

    11. Today’s Freebies – Speaking of freebies, here’s a site that concentrates solely on free stuff, and is updated daily. Vitamins, magazines, even books…who knows what cool stuff you’ll find at a price that can’t be beat.

    12. freeflys – Here’s another sweet site helping you find those freebies. As an added bonus, it’s sorted into categories, so you can find free food, free stuff for children, and many more.

    13. Attention Coupon Clippers – What sets this savings website apart from the pack is the sheer variety of ways to save. You’ll get links to coupons, online redemption codes, deals you can get sent to your e-mail, and more.

    14. Attention Deal Shoppers – This savings site extends beyond just food. Find deals on DVDs, handbags, home decorations, and other awesome items.

    15. Clipper Girl’s Saving Spot – What will you find at this savings spot? In addition to great deals in stores, you’ll also get product reviews, humor, and a great wit on the part of this blogger.

    16. Cherry Picker – These cherry-picked deals also offer sneaky wisdom for moms looking to save. There’s tricks like on receiving the same rebate twice, putting in certain zip codes to get better printable coupons, and other sneaky savings.

    17. Free Coupons and Samples – If you want to be topical in your savings, bookmark this site ASAP. It offers seasonal sales (such as back to school deals), and even features offers on free and low-price items.

    18. A Full Cup – For deals and savings, it doesn’t get much more organized that this cool page. Search coupon databases, find coupon generators for your favorite store, keep track of price drops…all in place.

    19. – How about savings tip from a mom who’s been featured on Oprah? She dishes on cutting your grocery bill in half, where to find the best coupons, and even offers an online community of savings-hungry shoppers you can join.

    20. MommySavers – The motto here is “moms living well for less.” There’s savings tips, an online forum, instructional Youtube videos and other awesome bits of info.

    21. Millionaire Mommy Next Door – This mommy became a debt-free millionaire by the time she was 40. Now she offers tips and tricks for you to find your own financial freedom.

    22. Money Saving Mom – Here’s a savings site with a pleasant twist. It allows other bloggers to add links to the savings they’ve found on the internet, bringing an entire community of wisdom to one sweet site.

    23. Frugal Coupon Living – This great savings site doesn’t limit itself to any one topic. Food savings, travel savings, medical savings…it’s all on this simple site.

Mama Blogosphere

    24. Mom-Blog – It’s all about parenting advice here. Tips on potty training, helping others deal with a special needs child, and being grateful for life on even the worst of days.

    25. 5 Minutes for Mom – The first thing you’ll notice about this advice-filled page is the media: pictures, videos, links that connect you all over the series of tubes. The advice itself is nice and straightforward: dealing with your child’s separation anxiety, preparing for birthdays, not being camera shy when folks photograph your kid, and more.

    26. The McMommy Chronicles – Get recipes for chocolate cake, TV recommendations for kids, and awesome anecdotes from her kids’ lives. She also recommends a multitude of other bloggers, so you can keep the info train going.

    27. mommy track’d – All kinds of moms will find all kinds of info here. Check out the regular columns, interviews, survival guides, job advice, and more.

    28. I’m An Organizing Junkie – Not organized enough in your own life? This site will whip you into shape, offering tips and tricks for properly organizing every inch of your home for motherhood perfection.

    29. busy mom – It’s real simple: this site has tips to make a busy mom’s life less…well…busy. You’ll find product reviews of the latest snacks, thoughts on keeping siblings from re-enacting selected bits of the Old Testament, recipes, and general tips for being an even more awesome mom.

    30. The Confused Homemaker – There’s thoughts on the news, the media, and everything in-between here. If that’s not enough, she’s got nearly 450 links to Blog Hop destinations, giving you access to many more perspectives.

    31. Mom Blog Network – Like the name says, this awesome site collects a vast array of mommy blogs in one place. With one click of the refresh button, you can see the latest headlines to enjoy over morning coffee.

    32. The Mom Blogs – Similar in principle to the previous site, this page is all about indexing the variety of mom blogs out there. What sets it apart is that it’s organized by category, allowing you to separate blogs dealing with adoption from those dealing with single motherhood.

    33. The Mommy Blog – Here’s a site that gets right down to it, with down-and-dirty, practical advice. Topics include whether your kid should see you naked, talking about the birds and the bees, and other sticky topics.

    34. babylune – The focus of this site is more news-oriented. Read up on the Duggars, mothers-turned-criminals, Fall clothing suggestions, and more.

    35. DC Metro Moms Blog – What do DC Metro moms talk about? Life in the big city, not letting jobs sap your sanity, the merits of an early be time, and more.

    36. Mama Drama – This collection of bloggers has advice on all aspects of motherhood. Learn about computer shopping, defusing children, lessons kids can learn from helping Grandma, and more.

    37. Jendi’s Journal – Here’s another blog that touches on just about everything. From keeping children from getting your sickness to cooking bacon in the oven, she’s got advice for parts of motherhood.

    38. Multi-Minding Mom – What sets this blogger apart from everyone else? She knows how to help a daughter with diabetes, rock the county fair, and help kids feel like a star, all at the same time.

    39. Surrender, Dorothy – You’re not in Kansas anymore with this cheeky blog. Read amazing poetry, thoughts on dealing with a child’s anger, and other interesting posts on motherhood.

    40. The Silent "I" – This is the site for “family adventures, foreign and domestic.” Explore tales from Japan, tales from a boat, and tales of the solar eclipse.

    41. Three Kid Circus – Life’s a circus with this quirky blog. There’s tales from BlogHer, photos from the beach, and amazing things overheard from her kids.

    42. amalah – Great stories from BlogHer, photo essays of two crazy kids, and other accoutrements await you here. As an added bonus, follow her on Twitter, or dig through post archives.

    43. Mom in the City – Continuing the family travel theme, this amusing blog has many tips for “family friendly” travel. She also reviews books, links to great interior design resources, and discusses dealing with the loss of your job.

    44. Delicious Baby – Don’t let the title of this blog fool you; no one has given Jonathan Swift a laptop. Rather, this site is about traveling, dealing with the heat, and raising a young child.

    45. New England Mamas – Instead of one voice, this blog presents a multitude of New England mom perspectives. There’s humorous posts about finding kid-friendly pubs, creating after school activities, dealing with insect attacks, and more.

    46. Rookie Moms – Despite the title, these “rookies” have a wealth of advice. They discuss tips on getting pregnant, the merits of movie night with the kids, and the lives of celebrity mothers.

    47. Musings of a Housewife – What do these musings cover? The merits of organic food, supermarket shopping tips, helping kids survive school and more.

    48. Blonde Mom Blog – How does she help you survive “another manic mom day?” Recipes, photos, family stories, and a whole lot of smiles.

Working Moms

    49. The Working Mom – This blogger is trying to balance a career, business ownership, graduate school and, oh yeah, motherhood. Read her tips on finding a car, enjoying football, online investment, and other quirky topics.

    50. Work It, Mom! Blog – This is the blog of the parent site “Work It, Mom!” It pontificates on technology making life easier, the guilty pleasures of weekends, healthy snacks, and more.

    51. Working Mother – It’s all about you (and other working moms) on this online community. Read editorials and instructional posts, and then start creating your own.

    52. Work It, Mom! – The focus of this site is unconventional wisdom. Buying more expensive clothes when you’re on a budget, cutting the tooth fairy out, and ditching your high-paying job are just a few of the topics explored.

    53. Working Moms Refuge – No matter what kind of mom you are, this site has something for you. There’s info for “Single Moms” as well as “Miserly Moms,” tax cutting strategies, home maintenance, and more.

    54. Working Moms – As usual, has wisdom about every aspect of the issue at hand. There’s tips for moms on finding work, on being a working mother, on no-fuss organization, and other practical topics.

    55. Working Mother Magazine – The focus on this working mother site is diversity: get tips on paying college loans, children’s health, guides to having fun, and more.

Funny Mamas

    56. June Cleaver Nirvana – You’ll remember this site long after you’ve stopped laughing at its charm and wit. Commiserate with her about kids who get food stuck in their ear, about trying to sleep when the baby is screaming, about bipolar cats, and more.

    57. Silicon Valley Moms Blog – Life moves pretty fast in Silicon Valley. There’s tips for dealing with your kid’s puberty, starting a business, or even dealing with your own compulsive blogging.

    58. White Trash Mom – The idea behind this site is for you to ditch the idea of being a “perfect mom,” because “real motherhood is messy.” She’s got tips on manners for moms, blogging integrity, and thoughts on Lifetime TV.

    59. Cheaty Monkey – The topics here range from sobering to side-splitting. She discusses the death of family pets, the benefits of taking the family to visit a farm, balancing work and home life, and more.

    60. Attack of the Redneck Mommy – This “redneck mommy” has tips for travel, tackling tough kid questions, and getting them ready for dating. She’s also got archives of info, news on worthwhile charities, and more.

    61. Vdog & Little Man – It’s all about wacky humor on this colorful blog. She sets us straight about the merits of blogging conferences, adventures in mothering, where to find the best children’s toys, and more.

    62. crabmommy – Pull up a chair and commiserate with crabmommy, who believes that “loving your kid is a given, but loving motherhood isn’t.” She’ll talk to you about lousy weather, lousier jobs, and awful lifestyle magazines.

    63. izzymommy – According to the blogger, “it’s always amateur night” on this fascinating page. Read about the no-more baby blues, amusing daughter anecdotes, and twisted toys.

    64. Chicken and Cheese – Here’s another awesome site that pretty much speaks in pictures. See photos from the beach and read tales of hard drive death and perilous family travel.

    65. Good Mom/Bad Mom – Two moms make up the angel and the demon on your blogging shoulder. They dish on weight gains, helping children survive their trips to the doctor, and other daily nightmares waiting to happen.

    66. Cutie Booty Cakes – She deals with diapers by making them into diaper cakes. Additionally, she provides awesome resources for moms, ponders the art of blogging, and offers cute tales regarding her son.

Moms on Parenting

    67. Parentopia – This blog is run by the co-authors of the award-winning book “Mommy Guilt.” They examine Jon and Kate Plus 8, global warming, and kids’ relationship with electronics.

    68. entrepreMusings – Ever wondered how well business and parenthood mixed together? This blog gives you the highlights and the low-downs on powerful women, inspiring quotes, informative interviews, and more.

    69. Parent Hacks – News, blog updates, external links…there’s a little of everything here. Find deals, book recommendations, and even get tips on making your own play make-up for the kids.

    70. Slouching Past 40 – Writing and parenting take center stage on this unique page. Read awesome poetry, tales of camping with the family, and amusing anecdotes regarding boredom at the doctor’s office.

    71. The Lactivist – It may come as a shock from that title, but this blog is all about breastfeeding and other post-pregnancy items. She reviews stretch mark removal creams, breast milk storage bags, and breastfeeding after breast reduction.

    72. Acte Gratuit – The emphasis here is on family. Whether you’re reading about the embarrassing photos she puts on her sister’s blog, her brother hacking her own blog, or just photos of her parents, you’ll become part of the family.

    73. You Can Get Pregnant in Your 40′s – Pregnancy is the primary concern of this down-to-earth blogger. She discusses reproductive health, the 7 ages of pregnancy, fertility research, and more.

    74. Greeblemonkey – No shortage of awesome on this blog. She discusses dealing with kid squabbles, planning for family trips, movie reviews, and more.

    75. The Committed Parent – The hook of this cool site is that it takes the best aspects of social neuroscience to provide tips for raising kids. Advice covers food habits, children’s lies, children’s education, and other hot topics.

    76. i obssess – The talk is hard and real on this straightforward site. It deals with pregnancy, miscarriage, the product-pimping of bloggers, and why we even read blogs in the first place.

    77. Traveling With Baby – As will come as no surprise, this site’s all about traveling with your baby. Whether you’re hunting health food down or just keeping food off of his face, there’s something for you here.

Posh Mommies

    78. One Chic Mama – If you, too, believe that “motherhood doesn’t mean the end of style,” then this site’s for you. There’s tips for fathers to get stylistically hip too, as well as fall fashions for you and your dog alike.

    79. A Mom in Red High Heels – True to the blog’s name, this mom will direct you to some awesome shoe sales. She also waxes philosophic about beauty mistakes for the over-40 set, product reviews, and anecdotes from her life.

    80. The Opmom Blog – If you need “inspiration for life and entertaining,” it’s here. She’s got literature reviews, photos from the French countryside, and an amazing array of Parisian adventures.

    81. Don Mills Diva – Here’s advice and musings from someone else who’s taken “walk on the child side.” She’s got words of wisdom on setting up “a big boy bed,” moving, and dealing with ennui.

    82. Posh Mama – This “hip hangout” covers a little bit of everything. Discover how to make your own sidewalk chalk, what to wear to conceal a stomach, health fast food options, and more.

    83. Fussy – It’s a fussy life in photos with this picture-filled site. View amazing photo essays of Chicago, great pics from BlogHer, and amusing child anecdotes.

Time Out for Moms

    84. Single Mom Seeking… – These are the stories of a single mom getting back into the dating scene. In-between, there’s tips for hiking, vacationing, and other fun activities.

    85. From Dates to Diapers and Beyond – No topic is safe on this awesome site. She tackles summer memories, hanging with HGTV stars, and provides amazing tales from BlogHer.

    86. Workout Mommy – While it’s tough to find even a spare minute as a mother, this site concentrates on helping you fill at least 10 minutes a week with working out. She also tackles healthy (and unhealthy) foods that can help or hinder your workout, as well as other fitness challenges.

    87. Motherhood Uncensored – The idea here is to take an “uncensored” view of motherhood. To this end it talks about insider mommy woes, the perils of publishing, and fears that kids won’t have time to spend with their parents in the not-so-distant future.

    88. Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum – This site pays special attention to books and to writing in general. Read about the blogger’s poetry, what she’s reading, and Australian laws concerning bookselling.

    89. The Bloggess – If you’d like to read the tales of someone “like Mother Theresa, only better,” then look no further. Read her tales of messing with the neighborhood watch’s heads, tales of paralegals that may or may not be fictitious, and amazing tales from the latest BlogHer event.

    90. The Hot Mammas Project – Speaking of down-to-earth, the advice from these hot mammas is practical and ready to use. Get tips on balancing work and life, raising your salary, and becoming more empowered.

    91. SanctiMommy – The tagline here is “take my advice, I won’t be needing it.” To this end she discusses loving ugly babies, politics, the media, and more.

    92. Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck – This chronicles the adventure of “a travel writer turned unraveling mother.” She discusses kid’s birthday parties, surviving without the TV, and mourning your pumpkin when it dies.

    93. Girl’s Gone Child – If you’d like tips for awesome date nights, blogging do’s and don’ts, and great photos, this site is right up your alley. She’s also got links to her presence all over the web, so you can follow her anywhere.

    94. Fluid Pudding – Not as practical, but much more fun, is the Fluid Pudding blog. Read tales of camping, tales of skirt-stocking, and tales of how e. coli isn’t so bad if it clears a place out for you.

    95. The Wink – It’s all about life after 30 with this simple page. She discusses overly-competitive friends, finding inner peace, and defining what it means to be you.

    96. Mommy Needs Coffee – The overall message of this witty site is the necessity of returning to basics. She talks about taking stock of your life, discovering how to do new things, and helping your child survive the school year.

    97. Sleepless Nights – If you’re having your own sleepless nights, there’s few better cures than this site. View amazing photos, and read posts that range from dealing with your own health issues to helping a child work through the death of a relative.

    98. Absolutely Bananas – You don’t have to venture far into this page to see how her life is absolutely bananas. Whether it’s a catalogue of all of the clothes and toys her dog has eaten in the night or dealing with the unpacking of a toy to make it playable, her crazy life is here for inspiration.

    99. Nurse Practitioner Program – Look past the nursing related theme and name and you’ll find that this site provides excellent resources for improving the personal health and maintaining moms’ sanity.

    100. Crunchy Domestic Goodness – Despite her modesty, the page is about much more than tree hugging. Look for tips on being green, but she also discusses medical breakthroughs for children, stress-reduction techniques, and more.

Now moms of all kinds have an excuse to sit down, pick a few favorite blogs from this list, and chill without feeling guilty. Blog reading can be a five-minute stress reliever, and maybe you’ll make a few friends in the process. Online mommy bloggers can be a great support system because no matter what someone out there knows how you feel. That’s what moms are best at after all – compassion and empathy.