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100 Pediatric Health Blogs Every Mom Should Read

Both new and experienced parents can come across an avalanche of health problems when it comes to children. With doctor’s appointments sometimes weeks away and getting more and more expensive, it makes sense to do as much research as possible. Visit these best 100 pediatric health blogs to get expert advice on health, parenting, mental wellness, and much more.

Best Pediatric Health Blog by a Pediatrician

Stop here first for a blog written by those who spend hours a week treating children for all sorts of diseases and conditions.

    1. Dr. Greene: Caring for the next generation, Dr. Greene stands out for articles, information on ages and stages, a community, and even a podcast. In addition to the “Conversations With Dr. Greene” section, there are also a variety of offers such as an “Ask Dr. Green” chat and a contest to win an in-home consultation with the doctor.

    2. Dr. Sears: Part of the daytime show “The Doctors,” Jim Sears is a certified pediatrician. Read his blogs for the latest discussion in kid’s health, or visit the site with resources for everyone.

    3. Dr. Sanghavi: He completed his pediatrics residency and cardiology fellowship at Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital Boston after working as a pediatrician for the U.S. Indian Health Service. Recent entries were on allergies, vision, and the three vitamins that could save your baby’s life.

    4. Healthy Children: Dr. P. was an expert pediatrician and part of WebMD until he passed away. Parents can still read his blog for tons of expert advice and answers.

    5. Dr. Gwenn Is In: She is both a mom and pediatrician and gives advice on both in her blog. Recent entries focused on swimming pools, Happy Meals, and primary care physicians.

    6. Vicky McEvoy, M.D.: Dr. Victoria McEvoy graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1975 and is currently an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at HMS. Visit her blog for expert advice on a ton of pediatric conditions, or join her online network.

    7. Dr. Shu Says: This blog shares what Dr. Jennifer Shu has to say about everything related to sensible parenting and healthy living. There are also media clips from her appearances on various television shows.

    8. Dr. Laura Jana: Soon after completing her medical training, Dr. Jana became actively involved in national parenting media as a consultant for Dr. Benjamin Spock. You can read the latest news and articles on her site, along with a video gallery of her expert advice.

    9. Dr. Nabong’s Pediatric Blog: Dr. Nabong is from Scottsdale, Arizona and is a pediatrician, wife, and mother of four active boys. Visit her blog for up to date information on the different aspects of a child’s growth and development.

    10. Dr. Ben’s Blog: Visit here for musings on pediatrics, infectious diseases, and quality improvement in healthcare. Although there hasn’t been a post in a while, you can still get information on immunology, pain management, psychology, and more.

    11. Pediatric Health Associates: This short blog contains information on autism, healthy habits, vaccination information, and more. A recent entry dealt with keeping kids safe in the sun.

Best Pediatric Health Blog by a Medical Professional

Because all sorts of doctors and nurses work with children, these blogs are also worth a look.

    12. Thrive: Children’s Hospital of Boston runs this blog on health and science. Entries deal with health for kids, teens, and families.

    13. Kathy Kuhn: An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1988, Kathy is a registered nurse who has been working with breastfeeding families since 1981. In addition to breastfeeding, her blog contains information on infections, nutrition, working, and more.

    14. Octopus Mom: She is the mother of three children under the age of five and a NICU nurse. There are many posts on pediatric health, along with links to useful, related articles.

    15. Where’s My Cape?>: KC is a physician of unspecified specialty who fights pestilence, petulance, and poopy diapers. Many entries deal with real life health encounters and recommendations.

    16. Doctor Mama: DM is a burnt out mother and physician. She blogs about being a doctor, parent, running, and even self described “moaning and bitching.”

    17. Mainstream Parenting: Esther is an American-born, Israeli-raised, part-time family physician, and mommy to three children. Recent posts include the old/new breastfeeding rules, food standards, and support.

    18. Enoch Choi: Part of SV Moms Blog, he is a family physician. Although he hasn’t posted in a while, you can still get relevant information on pediatric health.

    19. MomWithAStethoscope: A mother and M.D. of unspecified specialty, you can find more health related posts here. They center on goings on in her life, along with humorous entries.

Must Visit Pediatric Sites

Whether a parent, patient, or pediatrician, these sites contain the latest news and information for you.

    20. Pediatric Oncall: With a special corner for parents, the site and blog are well worth a visit. You can join a discussion forum, get advice on the hottest topics like vaccines and holistic medicines, or even check out the sections for professionals or babies.

    21. Keep Kids Healthy: The site contains a guide to maintaining a child’s safety and health by a pediatrician. Section include useful tools, parenting tips, symptom guide, and even an “Ask the Pediatrician” section.

    22. American Academy of Pediatrics: Dedicated to the health of all children, the site has sections for parents, health topics, professional resources, and more. Parents can even use the site to find a pediatrician in their area.

    23. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: An online source of expert health information, there are many tools on this site including for mobile, a CDC-TV, an image library, and more. You can also find information for parents and children on diseases, healthy living, life stages, and even data and statistics for all sorts of conditions.

    24. Department of Health and Human Services: Another government sponsored site, it contains information to help you improve your health, the health of your loved ones, and to assist those who need help with daily life. You can also get information on financial assistance, health insurance, and other related resources.

    25. Caring For Kids: The Canadian Pediatric Society has a special section just for parents. You can get news, helpful tips, articles by subject, and much more.

    26. Red Cross: See what diseases and natural disasters are effecting the country and world by stopping by this blog. You can also get many entries on health and safety.

    27. Stop Bullying Now!: Because threats to a child’s health don’t always come from a disease, visit this site by the HRSA to see what you can do about it. The site contains resources for both adults and children.

    28. My Pyramid: Get this free guide to the food pyramid just for kids by visiting here. There is even a menu plan, recipes, and links just for kids.

    29. Safe Youth: This site is brought to you by the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center. Get information on alcohol, dating, depression, and school violence by stopping by this site.

    30. Allied Vaccine Group: If you are a parent with questions on vaccinations, visit this site. It is comprised of websites dedicated to presenting valid scientific information about the sometimes confusing subject of vaccines.

Best Pediatric Health Blog by a Website

Get blogs and information on pediatric health from medical, parenting, and other websites by visiting the below.

    31. KidsHealth: Get tons of information on the safety of children by stopping here. Subjects include behavior, growth, nutrition, and there is even a section just for kids and teens.

    32. Medscape: This site brings you the latest, up to the second medical news, with a special section for pediatrics. Get information on a variety of child related illnesses, read the newest headlines, or view an instructional slide show.

    33. Medical News Today: This site brings you hourly health news from well-regarded sources, as well as articles written by their own team. The pediatrics section has the latest news, useful links, and even a video library.

    34. iVillage: Stop here for a ton of health information on everything from pregnancy to parenting. Read the latest entry, get many useful articles, or join the discussion boards.

    35. The Mayo Clinic: Simply scroll down and choose infant, children, or teen’s health to get tons of useful information. There are expert answers, multimedia entries, and much more.

    36. Parent Dish: This site is a one stop resources for parents with questions on all topics. The health section discusses nutrition, safety, home remedies, illnesses, sleep, and special needs.

    37. There are a variety of blogs to choose from on this site, including health. Here you can find answers for topics such as fitness, yoga, mental health, and even forums.

    38. More4Kids: The health and wellness section of this site has information on many common questions and concerns. Recent entries help spot ADHD, contain information on vaccinations, and even useful tips for getting your children to eat healthy.

    39. PBS Parents: Get health strategies and tips for talking to kids by visiting this site. Useful articles include communicating with sick children, how to get them to take their medicine, and keeping your parental cool.

    40. Family & Parenting: Revolution Health is your home for health and balance and has a special section for families. You can get information on every child from baby to teen, the top concerns, family issues, and much more.

    41. Babies Online: Get everything baby related by visiting this blog, including a special section for health. You can also get useful resources such as tips for pregnancy and links to free baby stuff.

    Best Parenting and Health Blogs by a Newspaper

    Read these blogs on health and parenting from top national publications without purchasing a subscription or registering.

    42. KidsPost: This blog gets top listing for its ability to engage both parents and children in the world of news and health from “The Washington Post.” They have many kid focused entries, news just for them, and health tips. There are even great reading recommendations and a summer book club.

    43. Motherlode Blog: Part of “The New York Times,” visit here for adventures in parenting. In addition to the helpful blog, you can also get podcasts and commentary from readers.

    44. On Parenting: Part of the health blogs at “U.S. News and World Report,” Nancy Shute brings families the latest in health news. Recent entries showed how to use Tylenol safety, bilingual families, and teens who take risks. 45. A Better Life: Get health and medical news by checking out this blog from “USA Today.” Archived posts include the latest in health news and advice, along with a link to their health site, with even more information.

    46. Booster Shots: A community of bloggers post on oddities, musings, and news from the world of health in the “L.A. Times.” Recent entries deal with the future of American Sign Language, gene mutation, and swine flu.

    47. Health Blog: “The Wall Street Journal” offers this blog to keep families updated on the business of health. Get the latest information on health studies, recalls, and more on the blog./p>

    48. Julie’s Health Club: Julie Deardorff is a mother and writer for “The Chicago Tribune.” Her blog contains health and alternative health information for the whole family.

    49. Baby Steps: Two parents stumble through parenthood on this blog provided by the “Houston Chronicle.” Recent entries deal with snakes, TB, and more.

    50. Health: Part of the “Miami Herald,” parents and families can get answers to all sorts of health questions here. There is a section for health folklore, a forum, Q & A section, and more.

    51. Mom’s Blog: Reporter Nancy Churnin covers healthy families for “The Dallas Morning News.” Topics discussed include acne, pets, an array of guest bloggers, and more.

Best Pediatric Mental Health Blogs

Because the mental health of a child is also vital, check out these blogs for both parents and kids.

    52. Babyshrink: Dr. Heather is a licensed psychologist with a specialty in the development of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and parents. Visit her blog for tons of useful entries, podcasts, and even an “Ask Dr. Heather” option.

    54. Momma Data: Dr. Polly Palumbo is a psychologist, mother of three, and child-research junkie. Her blog covers everything from breast feeding to teen dieting.

    55. Depression: Gabrielle Melin is a professional psychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic. Any parent or child suffering from this condition should stop by this site for the best in treatments, drugs, and more.

    56. The Carlat Psychiatry Blog: Dr. Carlat is a psychiatrist in private practice in Newburyport, Massachusetts and an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School. Visit here for opinions on the drug industry, mental health, and more.

    57. Dr. Deb: She is a psychologist specializing in trauma and depression. Posts often deal with psychoanalysis, stigma, anxiety, and diagnostics.

    58. Life Works: Founder of Balance Integration and work-life expert Tevis Gale Trower shares ideas to help you achieve a mindful balance. Get useful tips on empowerment, living off the grid, peace, and many other mental health minded posts for families.

Best Pediatric Health Blog for Kids

Got a child who is old enough to use the computer? Then have them stop by these health sites with the child and/or teen in mind.

    59. Video Intervention/ Prevention Assessment: Stop here for real life videos from kids and teens on illness. They range from asthma, overweight, cystic fibrosis, and more.

    60. Staying Healthy Everyday: Get useful healthy tips for kids from all of their favorites at “Sesame Street.” You can even get videos on staying healthy and related links.

    61. Patients of the Month: St. Jude is a leading hospital for children and features a different patient every month. Stop by to see the latest, or visit the archives dating back to 2002.

    62. How Stuff Works: Kids can visit here for a simple explanation to many common questions, including the health related. View by the newest articles, most popular, or you can even watch a video.

    63. Human Anatomy Online: The site has animations, hundreds of graphics, and thousands of descriptive links. Study the anatomy of the human body on this site for students or those who just want to know more about the medical descriptions used by doctors and nurses.

    64. KidsHealthPediatrics: Visit here for kid friendly information on health. You can get car safety tips, a vaccine policy statement, and if you live in the Scottsdale area, you can get a free prenatal class.

Best Parenting Blogs

Go beyond pediatric health and learn the best in all forms of parenting by visiting these blogs.

    65. Mom Logic: A community of bloggers post on many parenting topics including health, diet, and fitness. There is even a special section for family and kid health.

    66. This site has a ton of information on everything from getting pregnant to parenting teens and everything in between. There is also a toy recall finder, Kid of the Day, and TV channel with even more information.

    67. Today’s Parent: An entire community of professional bloggers can be found here. Choose from health topics such as special needs or a specialty blog on saving money.

    68. Parenting: Oprah Winfrey’s site has tons of advice for everyone, including parents. Stop by for tons of help for parents, exclusive articles, a Q & A section, and much more.

    69. Smarter Babies & Kids Blog: Stop here for tips on games, going green, maternity, nursery, parenting, and more. They even have a health section full of expert advice.

    70. Parenting Squad: This syndicated blog brings all the best parenting posts to one place. Entries deal with many different subjects such as back to school and medical emergencies.

    71. BabyCenter: Don’t be fooled by the name, this site has everything from pregnancy to big kids and even a special section for parents. Favorites include “Is it safe?” and “Is it Normal?”

    72. Zero to Three: Here you’ll find science-based information and tools designed to help parents and caregivers nurture their young children’s development. Topics include brain development, language and literacy, health, play, and more.

Best Doctor’s Blogs

Get health information and advice for the whole family by checking out these doctor’s blogs.

    73. Kevin MD: With tons of new entries on the latest health issues, no wonder this is a leading blog. Recent posts tackle obese doctors and their patients, Twitter for health, cutting healthcare costs, and many more.

    74. NHS Blog Doctor: Visit here for Dr. John Crippen’s weekly diary of the pleasures and pitfalls of family medicine in the modern British National Health Service. Recent entries deal with the dangers of young surgeons, money down the drain, and the value of regular service.

    75. Doctor Anonymous: Dr. A. is a family physician living in Ohio. In addition to the regular blog posts, you can also get a useful podcast on many health topics.

    76. Dr. Wes: He is an internal medicine doctor specializing in heart disease. Top posts include an open letter to patients, healthcare Hindenburg, and mine’s bigger.

    77. Musings of a Distractible Mind: Dr. Rob a primary care physician from the Southeastern United States and father of four children. You can get musings on American medicine, EMR posts, and a number of other categories.

    78. White Coat Notes: This site covers everything from the latest research findings to what’s on the minds of the innovative doctors, nurses, and scientists who work here. Recent entries deal with obesity, sleep deprivation, summer hunger, and much more.

    79. Grunt Doc: Stop here to read the ramblings of an emergency physician living in Texas. In addition to his regular posts on a variety of topics, you can also read posts that he enjoyed including public healthcare, reform, strokes, and more.

Best Pediatric Health Blog for a Specific Condition

If your child suffers from a specific condition, stop by these blogs to learn more about ADHD, autism, and more.

    80. ADHD Medications and Treatments: Dr. Sogn’s medical blog is no longer active, but you can still find tons of useful information on the condition. Posts deal with different drugs, supplements, and even related disorders.

    81. ADHD Blog: Another blog dedicated to ADHD, it is written by Dr. Kenny Handelman. Along with the blog, you can get information on treatment, research, adult ADHD, and parenting.

    82. Allergies and Asthma: Another retired blog, Dr. Enright shares expert information on these conditions in children and adults. Topics discussed include mold, smoke, Chantix, and more.

    83. Apraxia Kids: The blog is dedicated to helping children with this speech disorder. You can find many useful entries, or follow one of the related links.

    84. Coach for Asperger’s: Patricia Robinson is a coach who works with people with Asperger’s, high functioning autism, and those who just travel on a different path than the rest of the world. Visit her blog for tips, advice, and even recommended reading.

    85. Autism Diva: She has a degree in psychology and a popular following. Read her blog for the latest in autism findings, and you can also get many related links.

    86. Left Brain/Right Brain: This British blog is dedicated to autism news, science, and opinion. Get tons of information on the condition including the latest in research and vaccines.

Best Podcasts for Pediatric Health

For even more information on pediatric health, download one or all of these free health podcasts.

    87. Pediascribe: Dr. Mike has 147 episodes and counting on his podcast. Recent episodes are on asthma, tantrums, andG6PD deficiency. 88.">New Mom Coach: Coaches Lesly and Bethany guide parents through life expecting or with a newborn. Tips include birthing, postpartum depression, and even staying sane during a troubling economy.

    89. Discovery Health: Choose from a variety of health topics for the entire family. You can get information on the most common and rare diseases, weight loss, and more.

    90. Dr. Robin Smith: Part of Oprah Radio, Dr. Robin’s combination of psychological insight and practical advice will help listeners transform their relationships and personal lives. Listen to the current show or browse the archive.

    91. Pritty Kat: She educates parents and caregivers on how to give black children self love and self esteem. Visit for loads of advice and watch out for explicit language.

Best Miscellaneous Blogs for Pediatric Health

Stop by these blogs for the best of the rest in pediatric health.

    92. Doctor David’s Blog: A pediatric oncologist, this blog is ideal for parents and children who are dealing with cancer. Posts deal with life as a doctor, patient stories, cancer research, and more.

    93. Safety 4 Kids: Get information on everything from car seats to dry drowning on this archived blog. You can also get the latest health news, message boards, and more.

    94. Center on Media and Child’s Health: Visit here for research and news on how the media effects the health of children and teens. They also post links to studies and recommendations for health and staying safe.

    95. Stories of Pregnancy & Birth Over 44 Years Old: If you are an older parent, or would like to become one, visit this site for stories and tips. Recent entries cover menopause and parents who defied the odds.

    96. Child Safety Recalls: Stop here for the latest items, toys, food, and more for children that has been recalled. View the most recent, or check out the archive.

    97. Safe Mama: This independent blog is a one stop resource for child safety, health, well being, and eco-consciousness. You can even get free, downloadable cheat sheets in addition to the blog entries.

    98. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry: Get expert information on the health of your child’s teeth and gums by stopping here. The Parent Resource Center has tips for back to school, downloadable brochures, finding a dentist in your area, and more.

    99. Brian Deer: He covers the more rarely seen side of the healthcare industry. Get alternative news on drug companies, insurance, and more by stopping by the site.

    100. Liddle Kidz Infant and Pediatric Massage Blog: Don’t think a massage can help your kids? Then check out this blog by a Certified Pediatric Massage Master Teacher for more on this and other pediatric topics.

Make sure you consult your pediatrician or family physician before trying a treatment or following the advice found in these best 100 pediatric blogs.