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50 Best Blogs for Midwives

In America, midwives often don't get the respect they deserve or the recognition for the opportunities they offer expectant mothers. Of course, that doesn't mean things aren't changing as more and more women are looking for alternative, more natural ways to give birth. These blogs offer some great advice, perspectives and information for those who are currently working in the field and those who are still in nursing school or training to be a midwife.

Blogging Midwives and Students

Check out these blogs to hear from women learning how to be or working as midwives.

  1. The Midwives of Bethany Women's Healthcare: On this blog, you'll hear stories and information from the nurse-midwives of Bethany Women's Healthcare.
  2. Hands for Catching: This midwife-in-training shares her experiences in nursing school and learning about birthing babies on this site.
  3. Minority Midwife: Check out this blog to read posts from an African-American woman who's training to be a nurse and midwife.
  4. Bloody Show: This midwifery student explores issues of health, sex, gender, sexuality and more through her blog.
  5. Meconium Happens: Here you'll find a midwife who has a lot of experience, having her own eight children, to share with clients.
  6. PinkyRN: Visit this blog to read about the trials and tribulations of this midwife student.
  7. Navelgazing Midwife: This blogger is a professional midwife in San Diego who shares her experiences via her blog.
  8. Jan Tritten's Blog: Found on Midwifery Today, this blog talks about a number of issues that midwives will find interesting.
  9. Spinning Babies Blog: Gail Tully, a home birth midwife in Minnesota, shares her thoughts on optimal fetal positioning and more on this blog.
  10. Radical Midwife: This midwifery professional specializes in water and breech birth, but posts on a variety of topics here.
  11. Birthworks: Follow news and updates for midwives from blogger and professional midwife Stacey Haugland on this blog.
  12. Salem Midwife: This midwife owns a practice in Oregon, which can you learn more about by reading her posts.

Midwife and Birth Organizations

These organization's blogs are a great place to find information on midwifery.

  1. Midwife Connection: Follow midwifery as it is in the news and learn about opportunities to promote the profession on this blog.
  2. Citizens for Midwifery: This blog is home to the Citizens for Midwifery organization.
  3. International Caesarean Awareness Network Blog: Learn how to prevent more women from having unnecessary Cesareans with help from this organization's blog.
  4. Ethics for Midwives: Read through this blog to learn about the importance of a solid book of ethics for your practice.

Birth Blogs

These blogs embrace natural, educated and woman-centered childbirth.

  1. Birth Sense: Also called the Midwife Next Door, this blog offers simple, helpful advice for having a normal and healthy birth.
  2. Empowering Birth Blog: This midwifery student shares tips and experiences on how to make birth a more empowering experience.
  3. Enjoy Birth: Help your clients learn to enjoy and worry less about their pregnancy and birth with help from this site.
  4. First the Egg: Check out this blog for a feminist, empowering look at pregnancy, birth and women's health.
  5. Preparing for Birth: You may want to recommend this site to clients to help them to prepare for every step of their pregnancy and birth.
  6. Woman to Woman Childbirth Education: This blog focuses on passing childbirthing education from woman to woman.
  7. Science and Sensibility: This blog posts the latest research about healthy pregnancies and births.
  8. Instinctual Birth: Here you'll find a range of posts all about natural childbirth.


Check out these blogs from around the world to learn about being a midwife abroad.

  1. A Midwife's Muse: This community midwife lives and works in the UK and shares her expertise in the field here.
  2. VillageMidwife: Check with this blog regularly to learn more about midwifery issues in Australia.
  3. Homebirth: A Midwife Mutiny: This site talks about midwifery and homebirth in Australia.
  4. Watts in Nigeria: Here you'll find posts from both the UK and Nigeria from a woman working as a midwife.
  5. Gloria Lemay: This Canadian blogger is a childbirth activist, editor for Midwifery Today Magazine, an Advisory Board member of the International Cesarean Awareness Network and a midwife herself.
  6. Private Midwife: This Sydney-based midwife helps women to give birth at home and in the hospital.
  7. Missionary Midwife Mama: This midwife decided to take her expertise to Thailand, and you can read her blog to learn about her experiences there.


Learn how to connect with doulas or make them part of your practice with these helpful blogs.

  1. Birthing Beautiful Ideas: This mother and philosophy PhD is also a doula and lactation educator.
  2. Dou-La-La: Visit this blog to read posts from this postpartum doula, birth advocate and midwife in training.
  3. Musings of a Montreal Doula: Lesley Everest shares her experiences and thoughts on supporting women in birth and parenting on this blog.
  4. Vancouver Doula: Find advice and inspiration on helping women give birth naturally from this blogging doula and midwife.
  5. Bellies and Babies: Follow the life of this midwifery student and doula through this blog.
  6. Radical Doula: Get a different perspective on being a doula from this pro-choice, Latina, and queer doula.
  7. Holistic Doula NYC Blog: Holistic RN, doula, and former labor and delivery nurse Andrea Crossman posts to this blog that helps moms-to-be find the help they need.

Other Birthing Health Care Professionals

These blogs track nurses and doctors working in labor and delivery and obstetrics.

  1. At Your Cervix: Check out this blog to read about the experiences of this labor and delivery nurse.
  2. Sarah Stewart: This blog is all about providing education to health care professionals involved in midwifery or birthing.
  3. The Skeptical OB: Harvard grad Dr. Amy Tuteur is a great resource of knowledge for birthing and OB information as well as the medical field at large.
  4. Birthday Nurse: Here you'll find a nurse working in the labor and delivery ward at the same hospital where she was born.
  5. OB/Gyn Kenobi: Follow the life of this Texas OB through this fun and informative blog.
  6. Midwife With a Knife: This site is home to the personal and professional observations of a Midwestern obstetrician.

Women's Health

Check out these sites to learn more about news and issues in women's health.

  1. Women's Health News: Maintained by a medical librarian, this site attempts to post the latest news and research in women's health.
  2. Our Bodies, Our Blog: Keep up with news and women's issues through this organization's blog.
  3. Birth Change: Learn more about the birth culture in the US and efforts to change it on this site.
  4. Women in Charge: This blog promotes women taking charge of their bodies through childbirth and beyond.
  5. Women's Health Zone: Visit this blog regularly to learn about new research in women's health.
  6. Well Woman Blog: Find wellness tips for women on this site.