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Top 50 Oncology Blogs

Roughly one in four Americans will develop cancer, according to studies. This means in some form or another, we will all be affected by it. And one someone is diagnosed with cancer, oncologists are the specialists who treat them. See cancer as they do by taking a look at these top 50 oncology blogs, sites, organizations, and more.

Top Oncology Sites for Everyone

These sites and blogs contain the best in oncology for patients, families, and medical professionals.

    1. Get doctor approved information for cancer patients, professionals, and families here. It has information on various cancer types, steps to take after a diagnosis, and tools for survivorship. There are even resources on clinical trials and finding an approved oncologist in your area.

    2. OncologySTAT: Visit for the latest in oncology through news, journals, drugs, regimens, and conferences. There is also a section with more information on different cancer types. Be sure to click on the news and viewpoints section for what patients are reading and videos.

    3. Cancer Network: Stop here for information on cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. There are also handbooks available, along with a different cancer spotlighted. If you need more information, have a listen to one of their podcasts.

    4. US Oncology: This is a premier oncology services company that increases patients access to safe, high-quality cancer care. Patient resources include finding a physician, managing your care, and resources. There are also options for physicians and careers.

    5. Novartis Oncology: Visit here for cancer causes, treatments, and strategies. Patients can learn more about cancer or share their stories. There are also tons of other resources for professionals, on products, research, and more.

    6. OncoLink: This site is by the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania. It specializes in treatment, research, and beyond. In addition to the tips section, you can visit Ask The Experts for questions on everything from bone marrow transplants to young adult cancer.

    7. Medscape: A leading medical information site, they also have a section for hematology/oncology. They have news, articles, and even information from the industry. There are also community blogs and a Physicians Connect area.

    8. Radiology Info: Because many patients of oncology have to undergo some form of radiation, this site can tell you all about it. There is information on diagnostic, interventional, nuclear, and even radiation therapy. There is also an image gallery with even more information.

    9. Know Cancer: Go beyond finding an oncologist here and find psychologists, legal assistance, and more. There is also an active community with even more help. You can even find information on financial assistance here.

Top Oncology Societies

Both patients and oncology professionals can find useful information below.

    10. American Society of Clinical Oncology: The ASCO Cancer Foundation funds research and education programs both in the U.S. and abroad. There are over 27,000 members in various specialties. Visit the site for support, education, and more information.

    11. Oncology Nursing Society: If you are a nurse in oncology, this is the site for you. There is a career center, publications, news, and more. They also award grants and scholarships.

    12. American Cancer Society: The ACS is a leading provider of hope and information for all those affected by cancer. Highlights include clinical trials, stories of hoping, Circle of Sharing, and much more. You can also type in your zip code to get resources in your area.

    13. American College of Radiology: With thousands of members, these medical professionals work closely with oncologists. Special sections of this site include an ACR radiation oncology section, guidelines and standards, and even one for safety. Patients can also get more information, including help finding an accredited facility.

    14. Susan G. Komen for the Cure: This society is dedicated to fighting breast cancer and is the force behind the pink ribbon movement. Get resources for the patient, families of patients, and even the option to share stories. You can also visit the community or find an event in your area.

    15. National Lymphedema Network: The NLN is a non-profit founded in 1988 to provide education and guidance to those affected by primary and secondary lymphedema. There is an FAQ section, for patients, for professionals, and for members. There is also a newsletter and online patient questionnaire if you want to learn more.

Top Oncology Hospitals

Stop by these leading treatment centers with top oncologists to get the latest in news, research, treatment, and more.

    16. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center: Located in the Medical Center of Houston, this hospital constantly stands out for its oncology services. Get information on education, research, clinical trials, and more. Be sure to visit the patient care essentials for even more information.

    17. Cancer Treatment Centers of America: The CTCA offers patients surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy in combination with nutrition therapy, naturopathic medicine, mind-body medicine, and spiritual support. Visitors can read survivor stories or watch an educational video. You can even chat live with a representative with a simple click.

    18. John Hopkins: Based in Baltimore, this hospital has ranked in the top spot for nineteen years for hospitals in “U.S. News & World Report.” You can get news and features right on the homepage. They also have a Twitter feed and YouTube channel.

    19. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: This hospital specializes in children and research, along with oncology. With a click you can get cancer survival rates and interactive multimedia. Be sure not to miss the Patients of the Month for inspirational stories.

    20. Massachusetts General Hospital: Stop here for information on various treatments and conditions, including oncology. There is also information on clinical trials and education. A recent news item showcased a new surgery for patients with esophageal cancer.

    21. Cinncinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: This is a hospital, research center, and training facility. The spotlight often features patients or diseases. Be sure to click on the link for families to get tons of resources.

    22. Mount Sinai: Located in New York, this award winning hospital is known for its research and beyond. There are over 300 departments such as a comprehensive brain tumor center and one for organ transplants. You can also find more by clicking on patient care.

Top Oncology Blogs by a Professional

Stop here for the best in oncology blogs by a journalist, researcher, or actual oncologist.

    23. Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog: Dr. Lichtenfeld is Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the national office of the American Cancer Society. He is also a frequent spokesperson on a variety of cancer-related subjects and serves as a liaison for many professional and public organizations. Recent entries deal with side effects of the HPV vaccine, euthanasia, and prevention.

    24. Cancerwise: Visit this blog for news and insights from the experts at M.D. Anderson. Categories include cancer prevention, research, education, and patient care. A recent entry showed visitors how to use the “Ask” option.

    25. Hematology and Oncology Journal Watch: The Editor-In-Chief here is Dr. William J. Gradishar of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Stop here for the latest news, as well as featured articles. Part of Journal Watch, there are also sections for various other areas of medicine.

    26. LIVESTRONG Blog: This blog is part of the Lance Armstrong foundation and has tons of resources for cancer patients and beyond. Get tour dates and cancer facts, along with a link to the main site with even more. A recent entry was a video on stigma and silence.

    27. Medicine World: A community of blogs give comprehensive medical information for both patients and professionals. There is a breast, cervical, and general cancer blog. There are also other expert blogs in different areas.

    28. The Know Cancer Blog: Get all sorts of information and support on both the blog and community. Categories include alternative therapies, health, inspiration, and more. There is also a Facebook page and Twitter feed.

    29. Dr. Weil: He is a leading doctor who has appeared everywhere, most notably on the “Oprah” show. His site has a special section for cancer and how to prevent and treat it. Also thrown in are expert articles and a Q and A session.

    30. Oncology and Neuroscience Blog from Elekta: This company provides products to oncology professionals. The blog often lists new products, along with their uses.

    31. The Cheerful Oncologist: Part of Science Blogs, this oncologist has been blogging for over three years and even has two volumes. He signed off in 2008, but there is still relevant information here. Posts are both up front and humorous.

    32. Cancer Treatments and Care: Another retired blog, this one was archived by WebMD. It was written by Dr. Burstein and the message boards are still active. Stop by for a read on various cancers, treatments, and more.

Top Oncology Blog by a Patient

Get views from the other side of the examining table by reading these oncology patient blogs.

    33. Mothers With Cancer: Twenty or so mothers blog on fighting cancer. In addition to the regularly updated blog, you can get discussion, an FAQ, and even something for kids. The blog stands out for its first hand accounts of many cancers in various stages.

    34. The Assertive Cancer Patient: Jeanne worked as a journalist and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 at age 43. She now blogs on living with cancer and an attitude. Recent entries deal with daily life and cancer information.

    35. I’m Too Young For This: The site and blog are specifically geared towards young adults with cancer. You can find several support channels on the homepage including scholarships, retreats, social networking, and more. There is also a community and Stupid Cancer Show with even more.

    36. Eva’s Journal: This is a continuation of the journal entries of a courageous and inspiring woman named Eva. She has overcome enormous odds, lived/traveled all over the world, and is currently battling Hodgkins Lymphoma. She provides first hand accounts of battling this disease.

    37. my Breast Cancer blog: This blogger has been writing about breast cancer since 2004. Read her story, along with guest posts and the stories of others, here.

    38. Blog For A Cure: A community of cancer patients blog about their experiences. Read them all, or sign up to share yours. You can even search for a specific blog by type.

    39. The Collective Well: A Cure Together blog, people with all sorts of diseases share their stories here. Categories include condition awareness, health tracking, and more. Recent entries were on endometriosis and migraines.

    40. Chronicles of a Cancer Patient: Dave is a young man who was chronicled with Hodgkins lymphoma in 2005. Although his last blog entry was in 2008, there is still relevant information. He posts pictures, tells his symptoms, and more.

    41. The Voices of Lung Cancer: This short blog was featured in “The New York Times.” Six patients explore the myths and realities of this disease. There are also voices for other diseases.

Other Oncology Resources

Get information on specific areas of cancer and oncology by visiting the sites and blogs below.

    42. This is a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted both in the United States and around the world. You can search their database with over 78,000 trials. Choose from condition, drug intervention, sponsor, or location.

    43. Health Blog – WSJ: This leading health blog is by “The Wall Street Journal” and tells all about the health business. There are currently 222 entries on cancer alone. You can also get information on drugs, research, health costs, and more.

    44. MedBlog: Another health blog, this one is featured in “The Houston Chronicle.” Two bloggers discuss health and medicine topics, including cancer. Recent entries were on cancer vaccine advice and therapy.

    45. Winning the Prostate Cancer Battle: Chuck Warren had been free from prostate cancer for three years at the retirement of this blog. See how he did it and what he experienced along the way by reading.

    46. Hyster Sisters: Unfortunately, some female cancer patients have to undergo a hysterectomy. Luckily, there is this online community with support for before and after the procedure. Join for free to get help or learn more.

    47. Our Cancer: Leroy Sievers of NPR was diagnosed with cancer and began blogging all about it. After he passed away, this community was formed to support those touched by his story. Visitors can read the archived blog, listen to the podcast, or join in.

    48. Women’s Cancer Network: On this site you will find different tools and information that will help you stay informed about gynecologic cancers. All female cancers are discussed from breast to vulvar. You can also get treatment information, help with quality of life, and more.

    49. Cancer Research UK: This site provides a free information service about cancer and care for people with cancer and their families. Resources include treatments, therapies, research, and more. There is also information on clinical trials in the area.

    50. Cancer Backup: Another UK based site, they provide quality information on cancer. There are resources for health professionals, booklets, and even an option to talk to other people about it. You can also utilize the Ask A Nurse option if you have more questions.

Although there is tons of useful information in these top 50 oncology blogs, be sure to check with your own oncologist or physician before following any of the advise found there.