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Top 50 Post-Partum Support Blogs

An estimated one out of every six women experience depression or anxiety after the birth of a child. This is referred to as postpartum depression (PPD) and can be a tremendously stressful time for the family. For the best in online support, check out these top 50 postpartum blogs, sites, communities, and more.

Best Post-Partum Support Blog by a Professional

Stop by these blogs to get the latest from doctors, mental health professionals, and support counselors.

    1. Postpartum Progress: The most widely-read blog in the U.S. on depression during pregnancy and postpartum, it is aimed at women who suffer and the professionals who care for them. Regularly updated with new entries, there is also a “Six Things” section with answers to many common questions. There are also a ton of links to helpful resources.

    2. The Postpartum Stress Center: With centers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, they also keep a regularly updated blog. It contains notes on both prenatal and postpartum depression aimed at families and medical professionals. There are also many links to tools for new mothers on the blog.

    3. PerinatalPro: Women’s reproductive mental health expert Susan Dowd Stone authors this blog. It has loads of information on education, support, and legislation. Blog entries often deal with the latest updates.

    4. Postpartum Depression Recovery: Dr. Shoshana Bennett runs this blog to help moms and dads dealing with PPD. She often comments on the latest stories in the subject. You can also visit her main site with even more help.

    5. Out of the Valley Ministries: Both the blog and site offer Christian themed support for postpartum depression. You can get information, FAQs, and articles. The blog often contains Bible quotes relevant to the topic.

    6. PPD in Paradise: Diane Ashton is the Hawaii coordinator for Postpartum Support International. The sister site, PPD Support HI offers a telephone support warm line, a weekly support group, referrals to PPD-informed providers, and information about PPD. Blog posts cover many related topics.

    7. Unexpected Blessing: This blogger offers support to women suffering from postpartum depression through a peer support group. She began this blog to chronicle her third pregnancy and the complications. Regularly updated posts include the latest in PPD news.

    8. Jane Honikman: A survivor of PPD, she founded Postpartum Support International. Read her diary, dated 1965, to see how she dealt with the birth of her child. You can also get many other resources.

    9. A Deeper Shade of Blue: Ruta Nonacs is a doctor and author of a book of the same name as her blog. Posts generally deal with women’s mental health, including PPD. There hasn’t been a new entry in a while, but the blog is still worth a look.

Best Post-Partum Support Blog by a Mother

Read the stories of those who have been there before by checking out these PPD blogs.

    10. Ivy’s PPD Blog: Ivy had her daughter in December 2004 and suffered from PPD about 6 weeks later. Her blog discusses medications and treatments that helped her. You can also get updates on her life, along with items that interest her.

    11. Beyond Postpartum: This mother shares her personal experience in dealing with perinatal mood disorders and PPMDs. She often posts on the latest in postpartum depression and even allows others to guest post. There is also a useful list of recommended readings.

    12. Life With Postpartum Depression: Stacey is a mother who has a family history of depression and a baby boy. She is often straightforward in her posts and regularly updates the blog.

    13. WellPostpartum Weblog: In 1993, Cheryl experienced a psychotic break after giving birth to her first child and was hospitalized for six weeks. Five years later, she was helping other mothers in the same predicament. Get all sorts of information on pregnancy and post pregnancy by checking out the blog.

    14. PPD Survivor: Kristin was born in Hawaii, has four children, and is a survivor of postpartum depression. Read her blog to see how she did, and get updates on her life. You can also see how she prevented PPD twice through a free download.

    15. My Roller Coaster Journey Into Motherhood: Christi planned a home birth that turned into a c-section that turned into a mental disorder afterwards. This blog is her attempt at putting the motherhood journey into words. It’s been awhile since the last post, but you can still read her story.

    16. The Placenta Blog: Jodi Selander launched Placenta Benefits Info in 2006 to bring the knowledge of placenta to mainstream Western society. Read her blog to get more information on this practice, along with information on PPD.

Best Post-Partum Support Blog by a Community of Mothers

These sites are ideal for reading a variety of blogs by mothers, with or without PPD, or for starting your own.

    17. MommyBlogs: MommyTalk is a site by moms for moms. With hundreds of blogs to choose from, many mothers discuss pregnancy and birth. You can also start your own blog, join a group, or visit the forums.

    18. Café Mom: A quick search on the site turns up 18 groups dedicated to mental health. After a simple and free sign up, you can join a group, read a blog, or start one of your own. There are also tons of other resources for mom here.

    19. The Mom Blogs: Get linked to other blogging mothers by visiting this site. Categories include pregnancy, health, and even blogs by area. Stop by for a read, or start your own.

    20. Pampered, Pregger & Beyond: Four women share their PPD stories on this blog. You can also get the latest news and many other resources for expectant parents. Be sure to check out the podcast for even more information.

 Best Post-Partum Support for Dad

Because PPD can affect the whole family, these sites are dedicated to husbands and fathers.

    21. Postpartum Men: This is a place for men with concerns about depression, anxiety, or other problems with mood after the birth of a child. There are many resources including an online forum, resources, videos, and podcasts.

    22. Postpartum Dads Project: Get tons of inspirational stories for just for dad on this site. You can also submit your own. There are also many useful links on related subjects.

    23. Postpartum Dads: It’s been awhile since the last post, but you can still get relevant information here. They also post stories dealing with actual cases of PPD. You can also get help with recovery and tips for avoiding mistakes.

    24. The Father Life: This men’s magazine is designed specifically for fathers. There are also columns free for the viewing which contain loads of useful advice. You can also find many other resources for dad here.

    25. Dad Blogs: This site hosts a community of dad bloggers. You can read for more information on PPD, as well as a variety of other fatherhood topics. They even have a “what’s hot” section for the best in blogs.

Top Post-Partum Support Communities

For those who need help beyond reading a blog, visit these sites to get peer and professional support for postpartum depression.

    26. The Online PPD Support Group: There is also a newsletter and other mailings in addition to the discussion forums. You can also find more information on the disease. You can even download resources in several different languages.

    27. Postpartum Support International: Get help for postpartum depression from anywhere in the world with the help of this site. You can find support groups in your area, learn about events across the world, and more. The site is also available in many languages.

    28. Pacific Post Partum Support Society: This support group is located in Canada, but anyone can take advantage of the resources. You can read the stories of many different mothers who struggled with the condition. There is even a guide for fathers and a workshop.

    29. Mama2Mama: This peer-led group is a resource for those who want support and information on postpartum. Programs include group meetings, peer support, a network of health resources, and awareness campaigns. Be sure to check out the “Real Mamas” section for true life accounts.

    30. The Association for Post-Natal Illness: If you live in the UK and suffer from this disease, this is the site for you. Get support instantly by phone or with the click of a mouse. You can also request information by mail or get assistance for those living overseas.

    31. Baby Blues Connection: Born in 1994 when Nola Cross, a survivor of postpartum depression, banded together with Wendy Davis, PhD to begin a mom-to-mom support group for postpartum families. Click under “Finding Help” to get information on groups, workshops, and reading material. You can also call their hotline if you need more help.

    32. Depression After Delivery: Visit the site to get help with the signs and treatment of PPD. You can also find a depression support group to help more. There are also exercises you can do to help listed on the site.

    33. Motherisk: Get support for all sorts of new mothers on everything from morning sickness to breast feeding. They also have three different hotlines for mother’s with issues on various topics. You can also get more healthy tips that can help you avoid postpartum.

Best Psychology Sites for Post-Partum Support

Also seen as a mental health disorder, families can find all sorts of information and support for depression and beyond on these sites.

    34. Depression Forums: Visit this site to discuss all forms of depression, including postpartum. In addition to the forums, there are also blogs and a gallery. There is also expert advice on mental health available.

    35. Dr. Ivan is a popular choice for those seeking help with depression. With a special section for postpartum, you can get all sorts of information and links. There is even information on pregnancy and related topics.

    36. MedEdPPD: This site provides visitors with all sorts of tips on mental health. You can also find many resources including the top ten myths about PPD here. It is also available in Spanish.

    37. Psych Central: Get information on a variety of mental health disorders, including depression, by visiting the site. You can also read their blogs with topics such as psychology, depression, and more. There is also a resource to help you find a therapist in your area.

    38. Mental Health Ministries: You can find resources here on dealing with PPD with support and faith. They have many tools available for purchase or free download. Be sure not to miss the “Breaking the Silence: Postpartum Depression & Families of Faith” discussion guide available as a PDF.

    39. McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Web: John McManamy suffers from bipolar disorder and runs this site. Visit for resources on mood, behavior, treatment, recovery, and more. He even has a blog with more information.

    40. DepNet: This is a community where people affected by depression and related diseases have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences. There is also information and help available. DepNet is also a tool to support and help family members of those suffering from depression.

    41. Depression Tribe: Visit here for an online community for depression support. You can even read the blogs or start your own. After a simple sign up, you can also join a forum, play games, and more.

    42. Healia: This website has a special community dedicated to supporting those with all kinds of depression. Read the latest news from their homepage, or join the community. You can also get a news blog and health guides.

Best Specialty Sites for Post-Partum Support

Visit these sites for even more help on a specialty topic of postpartum depression.

    43. Earth Mama Angle Baby: Get products especially designed for sufferers of postpartum depression on this site. Products offered include salve, a healing kit, spray, tea, and contain no toxins. There are also all sorts of gifts for mother and baby on the site.

    44. Baby Shrink: Dr. Heather helps families and children stay healthy. In this podcast episode she offers hope to those with PPD. You can also get all sorts of expert help on the site.

    45. WellTellMe: This active health forum discusses all sorts of topics. The section on postpartum and miscarriage contains many useful topics and discussions. Get the answers to many common and rare questions by checking it out.

    46. Do You Have PPD?: Download this free quiz as a PDF to see if you show the warning signs of postpartum depression. Questions are in short essay and check box form. It is not intended as a diagnosing tool.

    47. PTSD After Childbirth Blog: Think you can’t get post traumatic stress disorder from childbirth? Then check out this blog for the answer. Jodi provides many stories and resources on the topic.

    48. A Picture of Postpartum Depression: Associated Content has an impressive collection of information on PPD. In addition to the article, you can also learn the most common warning signs. There are also videos on the topic at the bottom of the page.

    49. PPD Support: If you have PPD and a Twitter account, be sure to add this group. You can follow their tweets, or join the discussion group. Be sure to check out the podcast by a PPD doctor for more information.

    50. Healthline: With a special section on depression, you can find tons of information. Get the latest news, articles, expert advice, and more. Be sure to watch the videos to learn more.

If you are expecting a child, or know someone who is, be sure to stay ahead of any problems and disorders by checking out these top 50 postpartum support blogs. Be sure to consult with your doctors if you have any questions and before you begin any treatment.